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Hi, I'm Kati

An ever-lasting dreamer from the woods who loves to pour time into creation of all the cute, cozy & beautiful things. Most time of the day I spent blooming around with my vivid imagination, appreciating every little joy – yet capable of finding beauty also in sadness.

With my mind always flying somewhere in clouds I have to root myself to present moment either with creating or being around animals – that’s also my bridge to keep my sanity when life gets inevitably hard sometimes.

I see myself as an artistic soul with adventurous heart, always curious, always willing to explore. This way I fell in love with traveling & long distance backpacking, which helps me to find picturesque locations for my shoots.

I’ve had many passions, hobbies & interests throughout my life – many came & disappeared, but photography always somehow stays with me.

For now I use Sony A7III camera with Sigma Art 35mm 1.4  & Sony 85mm 1.8 lenses. Hope to widen my inventory with more various equipment by time.

I invite You to take a look at my work.


In life every moment is unique. Nothing is ever the same. We all belong to the natural cycle of constant change. I try to capture it with as much magic & charm as possible. With my photography I would love to tell a story.

My favorite photo Styles

If You would ask me, what photography I love to create the most, it would certainly be some of the following …


Fine ART

Using imagination to see the story behind photos, with an immense focus on aesthetic & detail, possibly creating something magical like from fairytales. Letting ourselves to dream.

Katia Fae - Photo & Art Photography

nude fine art

Being one with Nature – without any necessary layers. Yet, still keeping some mysteries hidden & unraveling only some of them. Purity, magic, beauty. Sensuality. Because human body is a piece of art itself.

Nature & Animals

The World around us is full of breath-taking adventures, beautiful sceneries, wonderful places and absolutely pawsome animals –  all of it just so ready to be seen, experienced & explored. And shot by camera.


Every person is unique & rules own kind of beauty. I love to find it, observe it & capture it for the ever-lasting moment. Wish for everybody to see themselves as amazing beautiful beings they are, with no doubts.

My other Arts & crafts

Little insight into my other artsy creative activities …

Katia Fae Art Amazon KDP Creator Notebook

Book design

Katia Fae - Photo & Art Photography Carpentry

wanna be carpentry

pyrography & painting

Katia Fae - Photo & Art Photography Digital Art

digital art

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